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Introducing the Advanced Breast Surgery Program at AMITA Health

Breast conditions differ from patient to patient, and the AMITA Health Advanced Breast Surgery Program provides personalized care based on each patient’s particular case and treatment goals. Our comprehensive, multidisciplinary team-based approach involves experts across fields: breast cancer surgeons, medical oncologists, radiation oncologists, genetic counselors, general surgeons, and plastic surgeons, as well as integrative oncology specialists, anesthetists, pathologists, nurse navigators, physical therapists, and research coordinators. We bring our deep expertise in all breast conditions — both cancerous and benign — to provide state-of-the-art specialized care and in-depth familial risk assessments based on the latest evidence and guidelines.

The AMITA Health Advanced Breast Surgery Program includes Kanesha Bryant, MD, and Anjali Thawani, MD, fellowship-trained breast cancer surgeons who practice at the south campus in Hinsdale and north campus in Elk Grove Village, respectively; as well as Robert Maganini, a veteran breast surgery specialist and researcher whose clinic is located in Bartlett, IL. The Program is also home a genetic counselor who conducts genetic testing and hereditary risk assessments, services that are often outsourced or simply not offered by other institutions given the national shortage of genetic counselors. Beyond breast cancer, the team also evaluates breast infections, abnormal mammograms and breast masses using specialized imaging and biopsies.

Innovation in breast cancer care

The Advanced Breast Surgery Program at the AMITA Health Cancer Institute is leading the way in breast cancer care, continuously learning and applying the latest techniques in skin-sparing and nipple-sparing mastectomies and oncoplasty, including Hidden Scar® techniques. AMITA Health surgical oncologists work closely with plastic surgery to minimize cosmetic defects with both implant and autologous reconstruction. In the area of radiation oncology, beyond standard whole breast radiation, we offer partial breast brachytherapy, as well as deep inspiration breath hold (DIPH) treatment in the prone position to minimize radiation exposure to the heart in left-sided breast cancer patients, and respiratory gating and 4D CT-guided treatment planning. Genetic risk assessment and genomic counseling are also available to help identify the most effective treatments. Click here to learn more about personalized oncology at the AMITA Health Cancer Institute.

The AMITA Health Cancer Institute has a robust clinical trials program in breast cancer, and we actively seek out new trials to make available to our patients. Currently, the NSABP B51 trial is evaluating the utility of radiation therapy in patients with a complete response of breast cancer to neoadjuvant chemotherapy,1 and the Alliance Trial is examining the relationship between weight loss and early-stage breast cancer risk reduction and the Alliance Trial is examining the relationship between weight loss and early-stage breast cancer risk reduction. An abbreviated partial breast radiation study is also forthcoming. Several investigator-initiated trials are also underway, for example, on the use of partial breast brachytherapy in early-stage breast cancer, the utility of same-day ultrasound-guided core needle biopsies, opioid use and pain, and the application of ultrasound to reduce wound complications after nipple-sparing mastectomy. For more information about our ongoing clinical trials, please contact Lauren Niklinski, CCRP, at or by calling 847-952-7351. You may also visit


The AMITA Health Cancer Institute will soon offer a new clinic specifically for women with a family background of breast cancer or who have other factors known increase breast cancer risk. Women will undergo a screening mammography and will be offered genetic testing to confirm risk and plan personalized recommendations for reducing their lifetime risk. All patients will be closely followed by the clinic staff to ensure breast cancer is detected early and treatment is started as soon as possible after diagnosis. Dr. Bryant, Dr. Maganini and Dr. Thawani specialize in risk assessment for patients and invite women who are interested in this service to contact them at the following numbers:

Dr. Bryant: 630-286-5500
Dr. Maganini: 224-273-5120
Dr. Thawani: 847-981-3576

Your partner in patient care

The AMITA Health Advanced Breast Surgery Program aims to bring new breast cancer patients into the clinic 48 to 72 hours after referral for evaluation. Every new cancer patient is greeted by one of our nurse navigators, who serves as a touchstone and resource for patients throughout their care experience. Our navigators stay with the patient every step of the way, providing education, scheduling appointments, and offering support during therapy, surgery, and follow-up.

From the moment they arrive at the Advanced Breast Surgery Program at the AMITA Health Cancer Institute, patients are empowered with education — from the entire team — and are treated as a partner in their care. Cancer specialists, including surgeons, spend at least an hour with each new patient, discussing treatment options and the overall care plan as well as the patient’s goals in terms of function, cosmetics, and health and wellbeing. When patients understand the team’s treatment recommendations, they are better able to make informed decisions that are in line with their goals and values. Following this shared decision-making model helps patients feel in control of what can be a very scary process.

The referring physician is also considered a part of the care team, and consistent communication is essential. In addition to a detailed consultation letter, our team stays in close contact with the referring physician by phone to discuss specific concerns and keep them informed about the patient’s management. Primary care physicians within the AMITA Health system are also invited to attend the multidisciplinary tumor board to share their perspectives with the surgical team and medical oncologists. Dr. Thawani and Dr. Bryant are always available for consultations prior to referral by calling 847-981-3576 (Dr. Thawani) or 630-286-5500 (Dr. Bryant).

Kanesha Bryant, M.D.

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Robert Maganini, MD

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Anjali R. Thawani, M.D.

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